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GRAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH (man rage) [Jul. 31st, 2009|10:27 pm]
Big Cat Anthro Club @ LJ


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Ok, well maybe not THAT much rage. Definitely UNDER 9000, but getting to the point...
I noticed that this board needs a little moar life. So, I'm gonna putting random crap on here whenever I get the chance. Hope you guys don't mind X3
First, I'd like to show you all a couple vids I found funny. The first two make much more sense if you play Team Fortress 2. A few guys from the Team saw new job oprotunities since Billy Mays died (RIP, Oxyclean man), and here's what happend:
this one actualy lives up to it's name:

That's all for now! Keep it furry you guys!